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Make Me Worthy

Sometimes we carry so much shame and guilt and we think no one notices but God sees everything.  I had a friend who struggled with this very thing.  No matter how strong the desire in his heart he didn't feel worthy to pursue his dream to sing.  

Hear Me Calling

Sometimes in our most desperate moments we cry out to God in hopes that he will hear us and help us through our struggles.  This song echos that cry out to God. 


Looking in the mirror can sometimes be the hardest thing we do, as the person we see reflected back at us might not be who we want to see.  But Jesus has the ability to transform our lives into his reflection, that is the message of this song. 

Good Day

We wanted to add an upbeat song to the album, something that would make you want to get out of bed in the morning.  This song was co-written by Maurice Larry my amazing Producer.

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Words of Our Father

Sometimes God brings earthly fathers in to our lives that show us the father's love the way God would love us. This song was written for my amazing and loving vocal coach Dr. Scott Martin who became the earthly father I never had.  He is truly the hands and feet of Jesus. 

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Shine Bright

We get one chance on this earth to make a difference, why not be a light in the darkness and shine bright for God.  Our time here on earth is so short this song challenges us to be shine in the moment.

Life Made Divine

Life is such a gift, if we only knew the greatness we could bring. Who knew that a child born in a manger could transform the world.  That we would still be sharing his word more than 2000 years later.  Each of us can have an impact on the world.

Rise Up

In the summer of 2012 there was a horrific shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, CO.  This song was inspired by what seemed to be a string of violent attacks and it gave me pause to wonder why does it take a tragedy to bring us near to God.


God knows the desires of our heart, we just need to believe in ourselves and go after our dreams "anyway".  Originally recorded by Martina McBride, i love the message conveyed in the lyrics of this song.  

Don't Look Back

After a life time of allowing my past to keep me from my dreams, I decided I was no longer going to look back but look ahead to the future that God has in store for me.  This song challenges all of us to not be defined by our mistakes but look at every day as a new day.